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The Necromancers
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Chinese Pen Name: Reader. One of the first patch of leading web novel writers. His practicing work The Missing Land was published in 2003, which gained countless fans and became a representative work of web novel fantasies. In the same year, The Necromancers was serialized on a famous Chinese fantasy magazine. Other works include Return, The Man pursuing dreams...In 2007, his work Heroes won the Best Fantasy of the Galaxy Award.


【Chinese version completed,239 chapters totally,updates on every Tuesday.】
There was an old story that circulated for quite a long time, a story that happened in the City of Martiling, about two necromancers and a hero who conquered them, a wandering magician named Leder. After the story, though no such record supported it, there really was a magician named Leder who passed the magicians’ tests. All the magician organizations on the grand land, from the Necromancers’ Union in the south to the Tower of the Wise in the north, agreed that Leder was the most powerful magician in history. They called him “The Grand Wise.”


Though the name of this title is the same as a movie created by Hollywood in 2015, it is a totally different story. An Enlightenment of Eastern style Fantasy to many Chinese web novel readers.

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