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The Card Player in the End Age
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Liang Maoshuai


Chinese pen name: Qichi Jushi, a famous Chinese web novel writer. Graduated from the second Online Writing class of the Lu Xun Academy of China in 2010.His representative novels include The Game Warrior, The Card Player in the End Age and The New Age of Magic. His writing usually combine the Chinese and western fantasy and sci-fi elements together into a game system, which was specially welcomed by the young readers.


【Chinese version completed,772 chapters totally,updates on weekends.】
Yang Fan, a young geologist who served at a geologic exploration institute, died in a mining accident. When he suddenly woke up, he found himself in the 33rd century, in the same mining hole that had buried him. Upon leaving the mine, he is astonished by a different new world. Since his death, the environment had become so damaged by heavy particle radiation that all the food human beings of his time used to eat had become poisonous and inedible for human consumption. The food now available to him had never before been considered food – things like rats, bugs, roaches, and serpents. However, the card he used in the 25th century to store objects in another space-time was still usable, and some special high-tech tools from his century were available. Better yet, he could equip himself with iron claw-like body extensions by using a chip from an alien called Lianku. The world is now under control of goat-like walking skeletons, the Liankuers.


An eastern end-age story of the 25th century, which is imaginative with more Chinese elements than The 100. Reading this book, you will be absorbed into the totally different world of the future, and you also has a chance to save the earth with the MC.

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